French military space strategy

France recently published its military space strategy, and the defense think tank Les Jeunes IHEDN organized a conference about it.

The presentation was given by Colonel (Air) Rigal, from Space Command (Commandement de l’Espace, CdE). His responsibilities include ensuring the separate prospective studies of the command form a coherent vision, and directly assisting the general leading the command about military matters.

His divided his speech in three parts: first, the context of what is happening and will happen soon in space. Second, what the French response is. And finally, some open questions and perspectives. He then answered the questions of the audience.


Regarding the context, he summed it up this way: France and other countries are strongly dependent on space, and this dependency is increasing thanks to new technological developments. At the same time, the risks related to space are also increasing.

New technological developments

The major development…

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